Online booking

Kaddio calendar and booking

Easy-to-use time booking and online payment that does everything you expect. In Kaddio, the calendar is also your public booking so that you can easily manage bookable times, meetings and group sessions in the same view.

Create bookable times directly from your calendar. Configure your booking types in detail. Choose whether your customers book and pay themselves or if you take control of every minute.
Use the calendar to schedule meetings and easily choose who should be involved. Decide for yourself which colleagues should see what.
Do you have recurring events in the calendar? Create templates and save time.
Kaddio onlinebokning och kalender



Administrate bookings in the calendar, for example, re-schedule or cancel appointments. The calendar shows bookings side by side with meetings and other activities.

Open booking for clients

Allow clients to book their own appointments on a public web page.

Text reminders

Choose if and when reminders are sent by text messages, before and after booked appointments.


Automatically send forms in connection with bookings, for instance, assessment forms and health declarations.


Offer multiple treatments. Connect treatments to different users. Adjust text messages and emails to treatments.

Group sessions

Schedule time slots that are bookable for more than one participant.

Time optimization

Avoid unnecessary gaps in your schedule. Kaddio optimizes bookable times to the duration of your offered treatments and your scheduled working hours.

Waiting lists

Create waiting lists with dates, notes and functions for delgation.

Pay by card at booking

Let your clients pay by card directly when booking online.


Invoice bases are created automatically from scheduled bookings.

Show bookable times on your website

Integrate time booking directly on your website.


Kaddio handles if you have multiple offices. Information in emails and reminders by text messages are adjusted to the indicated place.

Book rooms

Schedule your rooms. Kaddio ensures that treatments can only be booked if there are available rooms.


Reading and editing of medical records are logged. The log shows what actions have been performed for the records of a client; by whom, when, and from what IP address.