Electronic medical record

Kaddio EMR

Kaddio EMR is an electronic medical record system that has everything you need to document your business and journal your clients. A complete solution for health professionals.

Document it
Keep your notes safe and secure, wherever you are. No paper, binders or backups.
Tool up your own templates for journal entries based on your business needs.
Control access to clients and journals. You decide who can access what. Follow activity in journals through Kaddio's log for traceability and regulatory compliance.
Kaddio Electronic medical record



Create medical record templates tailored to your needs. Choose your own search phrases and titles.

Medical record forms

Create your own forms or use commonly used standard forms directly from Kaddio. Send assessment forms and health declarations via e-mail and SMS. Journal forms can be sent automatically when you get a new booking, or manually if necessary. The answers are saved in the journal.

Letters and referrals

Create letters, referrals, referral responses and certificates. Send by post, via Kaddio Communication or download as PDF.


Search by code or free text and add diagnoses to each journal entry.


Choose if everyone within your organization should be able to read a client's medical record or limit access to certain processors.