You can adjust the invoices if necessary before sending them to your client via e-mail, letter or through Kaddio's chat. It is also possible to invoice a company with several clients, the invoices are then anonymized. Integrate with Bankgirot and your invoices can automatically be ticked off when they are paid. All invoices are saved in Kaddio. For accounting, all invoices are exported in a file that you can upload in an accounting program

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Automatically generated invoices Kaddio automatically creates invoices based on bookings or journal entries.
Encrypted invoices Send your invoices encrypted and secure through Kaddio's chat.
E-invoice Since April 1, 2019, there has been a legal requirement for e-invoices for the public sector. With Kaddio you can send e-invoices according to the EU standard PEPPOL.
Invoice for multiple clients to the same reciever Invoice for multiple clients to a company, such as a group home or insurance company. The invoice is anonymized so that no personal data is visible.
OCR Kaddio automatically generates OCR numbers for those who have OCR agreements with Bankgirot/bank.
Automatic check of paid invoices Kaddio is a registered Service Agency with Bankgirot, which means that you can have your invoices in Kaddio automatically check the payment when your customer pays his invoice.
SIE-export Export all invoices in a SIE file which you can then upload in a bookkeeping program.
Send by mail Send your invoices by mail. Register them before 11am to be sent the same day.
Create invocie Use Kaddio to bill anything
Currencies Send invoices in the 33 most common currencies in the world, with automatic exchange rates updated daily from the ECB.
Exchange rates Kaddio automatically posts exchange rate gains and exchange rate losses in SIE exports
Cash invoices Create cash invoices. Cash invoice acts as a receipt and is included in SIE exports.
Credit and cancel invoices You can easily credit and cancel invoices in Kaddio.
Kaddio is made for Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Naprapats, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage therapists etc.

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