About Kaddio

Kaddio formed in 2015 in Göteborg, Sweden by Arvid and David who left a successful health-startup (At the time, the largest and most popular software within Personal Assistance in Sweden.)

With dreams of a better future we set out to create a new even greater business. With solid experience from building Critical Enterprise Systems - we know what works and how to design an awesome user experience.

We are independent, and profitable since 2018. We are continually shaping a great workplace that is good for us, you and our environment. Since 2019 we are climate positive.

Quick Timeline

Date What happended?
2015 Kaddio started as "ePsy" with video and medical journal as features
2016 complete rewrite of our codebase
2016 new employee!
2017, january First month with real income :)
2017, june Kaddio introduces Modules
2018 Hard work...
2018, december Profitable! (Means: expenses are less than income)
2019, april new employee
2019, august Climate positive
2020, january new employee
2020, september new employee
kaddio.com använder inga kakor och vi spårar dig inte.