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Kaddio is all you need

Web based all-in-one platform for health professionals.

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Choose the services you want

Kaddio follows your need. Choose the services you need and change when you want. Pay for what you use.

Medical record
Kaddio Medical Record is a complete module for documentation of your clients.

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Time booking and calendar
Easy-to-use time booking and online payment that does everything you expect.

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Complete invoicing system for small and medium sized businesses.

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Communicate securely and encrypted via chat or video. With two or 500 participants.

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Collaborate in the cloud with your collegues. Restrict access in the file management system with advanced permission control. Version management and backup comes by default.
Get an overview of the business with Kaddio's statistics tool. Visualize data in Kaddio or export for your own analysis.

Only pay for what you use

No startup fee. 1 month free.

Module Price
Monthly price / user 31 EUR (excl. VAT)
Network servers

Handle sensitive date securely

Everything in Kaddio is encrypted. Kaddio supports multi-factor authentication via Mobile BankID and one-time password via SMS.