Forms and Surveys

With the two modules Journal Form and Surveys you collect answers digitally. Forms are linked to a specific client, and are sent out either automatically upon booking or manually when needed. The answers are saved directly in the journal. Surveys are sent to a group of people and the answers are compiled anonymously at the group level. You can design both forms and surveys as you wish.

Create forms and surveys Design your own health declarations and evaluation questionnaires.
Different response options Choose from free text, scale, numeric value, multiple choice and more.
Mailings Send a link to the form and the questionnaire either via sms or email. You can also fill out forms directly in the journal.
Limits and calculations Choose if Kaddio should calculate the sum or average and set limits for faster overview of what the result means.
Forms are saved directly in the journal As soon as the form is completed, it is saved in the journal.
Send forms automatically when clients book an appointment Link a particular form to a treatment form and the client will receive an email or sms with a link to the form when the client has booked a time.
Send survey based on bookings Send the survey to the clients who have had a booking within a certain time interval.
Send survey based on group Send the survey to clients or therapists based on which group they belong to.
Surveys give anonymous answers All responses collected through surveys are anonymous and cannot be linked to any specific client or practitioner.
Kaddio is made for Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Naprapats, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage therapists etc.

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