Developer API

Kaddio API lets you integrate Kaddio with your existing workflows through precise and efficient GraphQL queries.


Getting started guide and API documentation is available in GraphQL Documentation

Getting started

Send an email to describing your use case and how you plan on using the API.

Please be sure to activate billing in Kaddio as we are unable to activate the API for non paying users. Perhaps needless to say but a GraphQL API is for developers with GraphQL knowledge :)

What you can do with the API

The API allows you to create, modify and delete all aspects of Clients, Medical Records and Forms. Kaddio GraqphQL API has no coverage of the following modules: Kaddio Calendar & Booking (Coming), Kaddio Invoicing, Kaddio Communication, Kaddio Tasks


Q2 2021 Invite-only Alpha release
Q3 2021 Beta release (Public documentation available)
Q1 2022 Public Stable release

Hooks n' triggers

Yes it's got hooks! Have Kaddio do stuff when rules (defined by you) are triggered don't use cookies and we don't track you.