Developer API

Automate your Kaddio without using Kaddio!


The Kaddio API lets you integrate Kaddio with your existing workflows through precise and efficient GraphQL queries.


Q2 2021 Invite-only Alpha release
Q3 2021 Public Beta release (Documentation will show up here)
Q4 2021 Public Stable release

Hooks n' triggers

Yes it's got hooks! Have Kaddio do stuff when rules (defined by you) are triggered

Possible use cases

Create clients Automatically create new clients in your Kaddio Organization when you get bookings in your booking software outside of Kaddio.
Create invoices Create an Invoice Draft in Kaddio when you click a button in another application.
Show statistics Poll statistics data from Kaddio, display aggregated data on your Stat Dashboard
Smart workplace automation Turn lights on in your meeting room 5min before a booking, turn them off 5min after. Automatically.
We don't know.. ..what you are going to build. Automatically. använder inga kakor och vi spårar dig inte.