Kaddio Case study @ Göteborg, Sweden

Meet Petter

"What I like the most about osteopathy is the variation. New, exiting things happen every day."

Petter is an osteopath since 2011 and runs two clinics. His clients constantly give him new perspectives on the job. "I evolve my osteopathic skills naturally by seeing all kinds of people with all kinds of problems."

"One of the benefits with Kaddio is that is web based", Petter says. "I feel that it is easy to use and safe. I can always reach it: From home, on my mobile, on my computer, on my tablet. I save a lot of time by not having to handle physical papers which gives me more time to focus on the client and the treatment."

Funderar du på om Kaddio kan passa dig?

Kontakta Daniel eller Marina så hjälper de dig. Tillgängliga på vardagar kl 9 - 12.

Göteborg, Sverige