Your clients book treatment themselves via a public booking site. They receive information sent via email and reminder via sms. In connection with booking, you can collect information through a form and choose whether to pay directly upon booking. You can also choose not to have a public booking site without managing bookings yourself within Kaddio.

Calendar In the calendar you will see bookings side by side with meetings and other activities. This is where you manage your bookings, such as changing time or canceling time. As an administrator, you can manage bookings for all therapists in your organization.
Time optimization Add your available time to the calendar and you will be bookable for clients. Kaddio optimizes so that you can offer as many treatments as possible during working hours. You will receive an email when you receive a new booking.
Treatments Add unlimited treatment options that become bookable for clients. Customize text messages and emails. Choose how much time you want inbetween two bookings.
Questionnaire Automatically send a questionnaire (eg a health declaration) in connection with booking.
Booking margin Determine how long before start time a treatment can be booked and canceled.
Client booking Booking that is open to everyone. Only requires the client to provide their name, telephone number and email address.
Require social security number Booking that is open to everyone. Requires client to provide name, phone number, email address and social security number.
Require Mobile BankID Booking is done by logging in to Kaddio with Mobile BankID. Suitable for those who want to secure the social security number provided.
Card payment The client can pay by card directly when booking online.
Invoicing You can invoice unpaid bookings with just a few steps.
SMS reminders Clients receive a text message about 24 hours before the booked time.
Integrate timebooking on your website Integrate your timebooking directly into your own website, <a href=”/iframe"> Read more here.
Template week Save your general weekly schedule for your working hours as a template week. Paste the template week for the weeks you want it to apply.
Locations Kaddio supports if you have receptions in several locations. Information in mail and SMS reminders is adjusted depending on location.
Room reservations Scheduling for your rooms. Kaddio ensures that treatments are only booked when rooms are available.
Kaddio is made for Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Naprapats, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage therapists etc.

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