Environmental Policy


As an effective and well functioning IT-business we have both expectations and abilities to engage and affect our environment, community, staff and customers in many positive ways. We want our impact to be as big as possible and we are comitted to making good.

Our (slightly diffuse) goal is to become the most environmentally friendly IT-system within all Nordic countries.


  • All workers are encouraged to use bicycle and public transportations for commuting
  • All workers have access to free bicycle repair and service
  • All workers have access to generous health benefits

Consumables etc.

  • 100% of all consumables are certified with at least Svanen or equivalent certification
  • 100% of all office food and beverages is ecologic/organic and vegetarian

Business trips / transporation

  • Business trips are preferrably done using bicycle or public transportation
  • Virtual meetings are always considered instead of flights
  • Flights must only be used when all other means of transportation can be considered unrealistic (including virtual meetings)
  • No flights within Nordic countries.

Kaddio Environmental Policy
January 8, 2019

Goals 2019

Calculate - Calculate all emissions that are caused by our business
Reduce - We are working at minimizing our total energy consumption
Reduce - We are working at moving our energy consumption to 75% renewable energy sources.
Reduce - 100% of all office food organic and vegetarian
Reduce - 100% of all consumables certified with at least Svanen or equivalent certification
Recycle - We are working towards recycling 95% of our used glass, metal, plastic and paper.
Compensate - Until we reach 100% renewable energy, we buy carbon offsets for the equivalent amount of GHG (CO2). Compensation should only be used as a complement to reduction.
Certify - Become B-corporation certified

Goals 2020

Include customer requirements into our Environmental Policy. What we can accomplish by doing so goes beyond traditional environmental policies and allows us an even greater positive environmental impact. This basically will allow us to say: By using our awesome services we kindly ask of you to follow -Our Customer's Environmental Policy-