Kaddio Enterprise

The power of Kaddio. With more control

Kaddio Enterprise offers more control over everything in Kaddio. Available as a Cloud service or as Stand-alone/on-premise

Enterprise Cloud

Leave the hosting to us. Kaddio Enterprise Cloud can be hosted in the cloud in the following certified environments: PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, and SOC 1,2,3

Enterprise Stand-alone

Deploy to your own servers. For enterprises that need perimiter protection and on-premise data storage. You are in complete control of hosting, data and access. Kaddio Enterprise Stand-alone runs on Linux (VM or Physical), with bundled and integrated database.

Kaddio Enterprise Cloud Enterprise Stand-alone
  Server Shared Dedicated *
  Domain [name].kaddio.com Own domain Own domain
  Perimiter network No No *
  SSL *.kaddio.com Own certs Own certs
  Backup policy Every 8 hours Every 8 hours *
  Firewall Standard Standard *
  Storage Cloud Cloud Local storage
  Business Intelligence No Yes No
  Email Via Kaddio SMTP Via Kaddio or custom SMTP Via Kaddio or custom SMTP
  Emails "From" Kaddio Customizable Customizable
  Installation None Managed *
  Updates Automatic Automatic Manual
  Kaddio Packages Yes No No
* Installed within your datacenter, you manage backups, DNS, SSL Certificates, firewalls.
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