Video and chat

Communicate securely with your clients and colleagues through video calls and chat. Kaddio's chat enables you to send sensitive information, as everything is encrypted at rest and in-transit.

Video calls Call a client or colleague via video call. You can also turn off the camera if you want to call without video.
Chat securely with clients and colleagues Send messages with both clients and colleagues. All communication is encrypted, unlike regular email.
Mail notification If you receive a message when you are not logged in to Kaddio, a notification will be sent to your email.
Send messages to email In the chat you can choose to send the message direct to the clients e-mail adress. The client doesn't have to log in to read the message.
Identification with Mobile BankID For those of you who work as a legitimate, the Mobile BankID module is an important supplement to increase security and comply with the National Board of Health and Welfare's requirements for strong authentication when handling personal data on the Web. Regardless, Mobile BankID is good in combination with the chat, since you then know who is logged in and read the messages.
Group chat Create groups and write to everyone.
Send files Upload and send files. Files containing personal data can also be sent, as all communication is encrypted.
Send invoices Choose to send the invoices via chat instead of via mail or real letters.
Booking with claim for social security number Booking that is open to everyone. Requires client to provide name, phone number, email address and social security number.
Contact form Have clients contact you via contact form linked to a therapist. All data is encrypted.

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